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TUNGSTEN recording a new album.

They are in the studio and record a new album, that is the follow up to TUNDRA from last year. And the drums are recorded already.

The man the myth the legend, the king of drums Anders Johansson have done the recordings already for the third album. For those who do not know who this legend is. He is a former drummer for Yngwie Malmteen's Rising Force and HAMMERFALL..'

He had birthday 25th May, congratulation!

They have not released anymore information about the album, We do not know any title, songs or release date, but we will follow up soon as we know more. But we all know it will be good. And if we are lucky, we will hear a new song from it on Saturday 29th January at KRØSST - METAL STAGE

We cant say enough how happy we are to have this great band with us! Welcome to Norway for the first time!

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