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Snake Bite Whisky release second single and video off “Black Candy”, CHOKE

Last time we got Hammered, now we get Choked, and its a good produced video, and this hardrockers from Brisbane Australia deliver the goods once again!

Australia’s number one Heavy Outlaw Sleaze Rock band, Snake Bite Whisky, release the second single and video off their critically acclaimed second album, Black Candy which was released globally by Sliptrick Records (Europe) on the 30th Of March, 2021. ‘Choke’ is a gloriously over the top, pulsating sleaze rock anthem, dripping with innuendo and huge, filthy riffs. The track is a fan favourite on the album especially amongst the female fans and subsequently was an obvious choice for the band for their second single. Lead singer, Jay R states, ‘Choke is basically a fuck you to woke culture. It’s a celebration of sexually confident women who know what they want and go and get it and it’s hugely satisfying that it’s so popular with our female fans. You can bang on about #metoo and all that other PC shit but at the end of the day most people just wanna fuck without any hang ups!” Featuring dark, strobing, trippy visuals and a high octane performance by the band, the video explores the transformation of an innocent girl into a BDSM inspired mistress and has a cinematic feel thanks to the superb camera work and editing. The video was directed by Kyle Golly of the No.One Network who has directed the bands previous video’s for ‘Down In The Dirt’,’Last Man Standing’ and ‘Hammered’.

The clip was filmed on location in Brisbane, Australia and features a performance by Australian model, Scarlett Envy. ‘Black Candy’ has been receiving rave reviews from media outlets across the globe and charted on the Italian iTunes Top 100 all genre album charts at 98. Snake Bite Whisky are: Jay R - Vocals Stacii Blake - Bass, Laggy - Guitars, Danny Sharkz - Drums. You can order the album here: Snake Bite Whisky FAcebook

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