MESSIER 16 with a new album

They are ready for Winter Metal Fest, and they are the only one from OSLO, And they have just released a new album "iota"

Finally we can present MESSIER16 from Oslo, we at Oslo Hardrock Festival are polite, so we have presented the guests first, and now it is time to give you Messier16, the last edition to the festival, and we do it with a blast! This is extreme metal and they have just released the debut album "IOTA" on Friday 28th May. The lyrics are personal and are much about mental illness, and they are very excited to present this album Live On Stage on

Jonas / Gitar, vokal og orkester

Thomas (Hypermass) /(Gitar

Sondre / Vokal

Oddmund / Bass & vokal

Christian / Trommer

Friday 28th January at Rock In - Dark Stage

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