Finally we can give you a Kick Off party that all event should have. In Part2 we are going to the south of Norway to rock the house. And it will be with our Norwegian friends NOTORIOUS from Bergen, the coast of Norway.

So where did Kick Off Part 1 go? Well, it has not been released yet, but it will be on 16 October in Oslo, just waiting for a few details. Kick Off Part 2 are a result form our cooperate with the Hellion Metal & Rock Pub in Stavanger. and we will bring you more concerts together in the future, not only in Stavanger, but in Oslo too. What can you expect form the Kick Off Concert, well we will give you a very good support band, that will be announced later on. And Oslo hardrock Festival will give you a presentation of the Line Up for 2022 and some other goodies. 1. Support band - TBA 2. OHF presentation 3. Notorious

This is not a regular concert, its much more.
EN: Because of regulation, only 50 tickets for sale. NO: Pga restriksjoner så er det kun 50 billetter i salg.

Velkommen skal dere være, dette blir tøft!

Ticket here:

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